April 22, 2019

Easter Monday

What does the Easter Bunny do on the day after Easter Sunday? I guess he lays lemons!

Ok here's the story behind this goofy illustration. Early last week I did this quick sketch that included a limited color palette. I got it into my head that I should look to see what color #colorcollective was using this week and maybe I would use it. However that didn't work quite as I expect.

The color last week was lemon yellow. I thought, maybe I can use it as a prompt for an Easter illustration/drawing since I knew Easter was that following weekend. But as I was drawing I thought, funny how much a lemon looks like an egg and lemons made it into the illustration.

Fast forward later into the week and I find out Easter Monday is a thing. Did you know the Monday after Easter Sunday is also a holiday? That's where things kinda fell together. I decided that Easter Monday, the Easter Bunny in a goodwill gesture to the Dentists of the world, puts out lemons to counter all the candy he puts out for children to find.

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